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Wallpaper Installer NYC

New York City’s best kept secret!

…as far as interior contractors go. πŸ˜‰

Hang It All

Your friend from work, old college buddy, next door neighbor. One of those guys has a “guy” they trust with access to their home, the well-plumbed walls of their abode. Besik is one of those “guys.” He’s a true professional, craftsman, and all-around good guy. Are you in New York City? Does it go on the wall? Call Besik!

Nuxt and Vue On the Surface

It’s been a little bit since I put together a brochure-ware site. I’ve been heads down on some pretty serious internal apps for a few clients here and there. Since 2016, I’ve been working on a few large scale websites. That means advanced deployment strategies, unit and integrative testing, devops, and automation. Along with that, I’ve been able to work extensively with fast loading, JavaScript-driven client frameworks. This project was built with Nuxt.jsΒ with Vue.js handling the front-end.

Gitlab Behind the Drywall

Because Nuxt.js is designed to present search engine-friendly web content, that means that before anything gets uploaded to a web-server, it has to be “pre-rendered.” It can be a real chore to perform a bunch of command-line operations (like on TV when you see hackers staring at a black screen with a bunch of green and white text zipping across their screen), just to get something ready for the web.

That’s where a software system like Gitlab comes in. Gitlab provides a purdy user-interface, and among other things, all the tools a developer needs to automate every day programming tasks. Tools that make sure the code he writes that ends up on the internet is tested for bugs and other problems, and then safely and completely transmitted to a web server. That’s where folks like you can access it. Ain’t it wunnerful?