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Northwest Laminating

Northwest Laminating are the premiere printing and production company in the Northwestern United States, and are even a formidable product supplier nationwide.

The SMC team were commissioned to build a set of tools to help them manage their enormous customer base.

Completed: October, 2014 Visit:

Never Keep All Your Websites in One Basket

NWL is a medium-sized company, easily. They’ve got their hands in all sorts of baskets, but one in particular demands alot of attention.

They needed an e-commerce solution to make sure they could serve their mot important clients in the best way possible. What they asked for was two websites, but they only really needed one…

Adventures in MultiSite

Our solution allowed NWL to maintain one store, and have all their subsequent WordPress Multisite subsites to share WooCommerce products. A custom built filter mechanism allows them to have granular control over which customers can order which products or jobs.

Accommodating the Details


As any medium-sized business can attest to, they’ve got plenty of home-grown business processes, which leads to complex business logic. We were able to streamline many of these processes like customer on-boarding, order placement and fulfillment, invoicing, and quite a bit more.